Time limit for Audio Recorder

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The "Audio Recorder", a recent addition to H5P libraries, is a wonderful addition, a long-awaited feature for teachers. I would like to congratulate those that developed and designed this library.

I believe one major feature that lacks here is timing. Currently, the audio recording can be of any length (I left recording on for 7 minutes, for example, and this recording was saved). I, as the teacher, would like to limit the recording time - even to a few seconds. When the time is over, either (1) the recording should stop automatically, or (2) the stopwatch on the screen should change color to indicate that the time is over and that the remaining section of the recording will not be saved.

Limit recording time for Audio Recorder
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Good point hakangur, there should at least be an upper bound by default. I hope that the Core Team will have time to add it in a future release or that a member from the community will contribute the necessary code. 

Dear developers,

First of all, congratulations with this new tool! I was able to install this tool in my site. However, what I don't see in my site is the playback option. I am only able to download the file. Does this have to do with my own settings or is it something I can change in the settings of the tool?

I agree with Hakangur. I am very happy with this tool and I would also like to be able to set a certain time limit.

One other feature that could be interesting too, is to add feedback options. One could imagine that a student creates a recording, which is limited to a certain amount of time. The teacher can listen back to the recording and assess the oral performance to a certain set of criteria (e.g. pace, accurracy and so on in rubric format, see http://webcef.open.ac.uk/ - former EU project).

Best regards from Groningen



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Hi Jeroen,

Which browser (and version) are you using, when you are not seeing the playback? Can you post a screenshot here?

- Tom

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We've seen that problem is Firefox, and will address it.

- Tom

Hi Tom,

Thanks for your reply. It works fine now!



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Just a quick note to share both my appreciation for this plugin (seriously awesome!) and a desire for the ability to set a time limit to recordings.

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It's wonderful to hear you are appreciating H5P :)

A time limit setting for audio recorder was discussed when this content type was implemented, but it was not prioritized in the first version. Hopefully, someone will be able to add that functionality soon!


Should it be possible to user audio recorder on a HTTP moodle website ?

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It depends on which browser the user is using. For some of the powerful features, like access to the microphone, Google Chrome does not allow it for insecure origins (meaning HTTP). On Firefox and MS Edge it currently works without HTTPS. More info here

So i think our users could not use it.


Is it possible to export the audiofile in mp3-format?

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We tried using lamejs, but in the end, it didn't have a compatible license we could use. :(

So no, you can't export the file as mp3.

- Tom

+1 for the time limit request.

Both the plugin and the module as well are great.

Still. As stated by many, it would be great help when the time limit feature is implemented.