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Hi H5P,

I would love to make the suggestion of for H5P. I don't know if this goes against the grain or ethos of H5P. As I understand it, Joubel is the contractor who provides services to build most of H5P things.

There are other techies I hear that contribute but as someone who is not technically proficient with limited time, I feel a bit out in the cold by not being able to contribute more.

This is why I feel a Patreon account would be highly worthwhile, but giving those who want to be a part of things a voice.

Even if it was $20 a month to fund H5P projects, I'd love a Patreon campaign. You could set goals and also allow voting on Patreon for new desired features, and those who aren't technically skilled can be a part.

Donations would only be on the basis that we believe in H5P and want to see it blossom. Joubel could most definitely continue to do the contract's just an avenue to get more people involved and fund features which are dear to everyone.

I know there'd need to be a system with this worked out, but for the community I'd imagine it would be worthwhile.

Sorry, don't mean to throw this out if it's already been considered or discarded. I really don't understand the dynamics completely of how things are working...just an idea I had to share. 

Many thanks! Love H5P!


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Interesting. I was thinking about setting up a Patreon account myself :-)

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Joubel is mentioned many times here so I'll answer this one as the Joubel CEO :)

It is the first time I hear about Patreon so we'll need to look into it. Looks interesting! Thank you for the tip! Joubel does not plan to be an H5P consultancy. We try to figure out what the community wants and we say yes to sponsored jobs that help improve H5P for everyone. We don't care much about whether or not we lose or gain money while doing these jobs, but we do care a lot about the result and the sponsor don't have the same detailed control as a normally consultant customer would, but no sponsor has been unhappy with the result so far. We have a higher interest then anyone in making sure that everything we do is of high quality. We'll also launch an H5P supporter program soon where people may contribute financially to H5P, be part of a network and get votes for upcoming features. We want to make H5P as widely adopted as possible. We also do plan to make a profit on in the longer term and support further development of H5P through and other services.

If other content type creators like otacke can use Patreon to get funding for their content types it would be great, and we'll be considering it for ours as well now that we know about it :)

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Hi there. Many thanks for getting back. Thank you for your thoughts!

Also, about, I look forward to a clearer explanation about how this will work!

As someone who uses H5P on my website already and already has hosting and everything else sorted, was wondering if will offer something for people who don't need hosting but desire the increased functionality, like tracking of user stats.

I think perhaps a lot of people who already use H5P on their site would be looking for such a middle road to gain more features.

Very excited as always to see what's going on with H5P and how things will all work together.



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Hi Timothy,

So will integrate several third party services like LMSs, video transcoding(Amazon perhaps) and LRSs (we haven't chosen one yet). If the middleware between and these third party services doesn't get too specific we will share them. Most of this is software that there are examples of on the web already, but it will probably be platform specific, so if we go for Node.js on for instance then the things we share will only work for other node users, and others have to create and share the same integrations for Drupal 7, Drupal 8, WordPress, etc...

We create to make H5P available to those who can't or won't host H5P themselves, and we want it to be a good example of how to integrate such third party software. Hopefully also sharing some code in the process. What makes H5P unique is that it is a plugin that anyone can host so we don't have any plans of developing stuff to that others won't get, but we will integrate third party software there that delivers things that makes H5P better. H5P is all about the content so we have no plans of creating our own LRS for instance and we will be open on how we do things on