Two questions about Course Presentation

1. Is it possible to change the background colour on a slide in Course Presentation?

2. If I want an image to cover the whole slide, what dimensions do I need?


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Hi Claire,

  1. Yes, you can change the background color
  2. You image should have a 2:1 ratio, and it will stretch to cover the background. The exact optimal size would vary based on where you embed your Course Presentation.

- Tom


Thanks Tom - just getting started, so that's all really helpful.

Are there any plans to add options to the slide template feature? For example, being able to set the background colour for the whole presentation but not a complimentary text colour makes no sense at all.

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Hi TeaKayB,

The option to add color as a background for all the slides is already available as mentioned by Tom above. I'm not sure what you mean with "complimentary text colour".


Hi BV52,

Yes, the option to change the default background colour for all slides is already there. There is not, however, a corresponding setting to change the default text colour to something that contrasts properly with a different background colour. Every text item has to be changed individually, and for other h5p activities embedded in the slides it isn't possible to change the text colour at all. Seems a bit pointless to be able to set a custom default background colour, but not a custom text colour.

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Hi TeaKayB,

You have a valid point and I totally agree. Since this feature is not available would you mind posting a request in the Feature Request Forum?


Thanks BV52, I will do that now!