Jigsaw Puzzles??

Hi -  I am quite new to H5P, but I am truly enjoying it so far, thank you.

I would like to add an interactive jigsaw puzzle to my blog.

Do you have a jigsaw puzzle option, or would you be able to make one?

Or do you know of a reliable jigsaw puzzle plugin that you could recommend?



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There isn't any Jigsaw H5P content type that I'm aware of. But it sounds like a fun project for someone in the community to make.

- Tom

That would be great, thank you, Tom.   I would certainly use this type of content, for sure.  For that matter, any kind of "puzzle" related content would be fantastic.

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Good to know! :)

And keep the suggestions coming! Both the core team, and the community at large suddenly picks up stoff from this forum and implements it.


- Tom