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I'v tried to open a new video chat, but it hasn't seemed to be working. All I got is the "enter room" button, and that's it. I have opened a chat room on my university's model as well as on h5p site.

What did I do wrong?





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Which browser are you using?

Version 57.0.2987.133 (64-bit)


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Does nothing happen when you click the "enter room" button? Do you have any errors in the JavaScript console?


It seems that for some reason I have to use a microphone and a camera to have the app open.

I tested the same app on a different moodle server (from another university) and the video chat open with microphone and without a camera (the camera is disable on my laptop)

Could it be a matter of installation?




fnoks's picture is a video collaboration tool not made by us, but the people at Please check their FAQ if you have any problems related to the video chat.

But I guess it needs access to a camera and a microphone...

I am working on a new video series, and seem to be unable to find video which was included in H5p originally. I know that for a fact because I have a video of setting it up, but now I can't even find it ? What is the deal ?

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Hi brainbender, has been removed from the list of contents that H5P supports. This is due to removing the support for use of their service in iFrames.