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I cant seem to find where i can see more than just my own results for the quiz I've created. I am using H5P on Wordpress. I have clicked the plug-in main page, but there is no results button. I have attached a screen shot of what my H5P page looks like. 



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Hi! You have to press the Results button next to the Edit button for the content you wish to see the results.

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if your users want to register their scores in your WordPress H5P quiz, they will need to login before taking the quiz. They will then be able to see their scores in their My Results panel, (from the bottom of the left dashboard column). You have a similar My Results menu item in the left dashboard panel - through which you can access your results, but if you want to see your logged in user's results, you will need to access them from that Results button next to the Edit button.

Good question.

II'm not seeing how to set up the My Results button for users so they can have a record of their scores. Can someone explain how I can do that?

Thank you