List of Moodle gradebook trackable activities


I could swear I've seen the list of H5P activities that reports to Moodle gradebook, but I cannot find any longer.

Could anyone help me, please?

I need the list for a evaluation report.

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Do you mean here on I cannot recall seeing such a list.

Hi. Thanks for asking.

I might be wrong. I've passed the several days looking at the documentation in and the forum, and I thought that I saw that list.

Perhaps, what I have seen is the list of content types supporting xApi (which is in

Wouldn't it be nice having such a list?

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Ah yes, I think that is the closest thing available to such a list. I'm hoping that we'll be able to add a flag/icon or something to each content type telling if it supports reporting of results – that way you'd know when/before creating the content.

Thanks for the suggestion!

Well, it took some time but I think that this is the list of activities the reports to gradebook in Moodle (unless I missed something):

  • Interactive video
  • Column
  • Course presentation
  • Drag and drop (but it seems to fail)
  • Drag text
  • Fill in the blanks
  • Find the hotspot
  • Flashcards
  • Mark the works
  • Memory game
  • Multiple choice
  • Question set
  • Single choice set
  • Summary
  • True / false question

(Hope it helps)

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Thumbs up!

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Good job!

thanks this helps. I am in the process of adding LOTS of H5P content into our Moodle Site (version 2.9) hosted at  My Big Campus  and in fact have been getting support on twitter -- but need some more help or guidance to forums where these are already discussed.

Assuming this list is correct - I can see the memory game in grade book, plus I can also see dialog cards and course presentation.  However how do I edit the score - while making the content? It does not show up while making the content.

In Grade book too -- the editing looks impossible??

Also what if we dont want it in the grade book???

Thanks --



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Hi Michelle,
the individual Moodle grade can be set for each individual H5P, the field is named "Max grade", I have attached a screenshot showing exactly where it is.
You have to edit the H5P to change the max score of it, it is changed by simply changing the "Max grade" field. All other gradebook functionality of Moodle should be present in the gradebook.
If you don't want it in the grade book you can set the score to 0, it will then not affect the total max grade for a course.

- Thomas


so when I edit/create the H5P content, I am not seeing maximum grade - that is the problem.

See the screenshot attached. Should I remove the H5P plugin and reinstall or is there some setting in the Advanced Features???

Thanks for your prompt help..



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Sound like you might be using an older version of the H5P plugin for Moodle. There are versions that do not have this field. Are you sure you're using the latest version? (1.0)

Was my mistake: I've skippped the last step when editing