Bug in Course Presentation?

I am doing a Course Presentation that I embed on a webpage (no Drupal/Wordpress or anything).
Sometimes the embedded content does not render to its full size, but the content is "cut" - see framegrab:


(Im using the Bootstap framework for the page, and the embedded content is in a div with the "well"-class associated to make the frame)

This happens in different browsers but not every time. (I'm on a Mac and tried Chrome, Firefox and Safari)

What is the problem??

Regards, Kasper

I found out that resizing the browser-window after getting a "cutted" version of the embedded Course Presentation makes it render the whole thing.

Not a good solution to the problem, but maybe an observation that can help solve the issue...

I put the iframe in an otherwise empty html-page (that is: no bootstrap, no other fancy stuff - just the mandatory html-tags)

Same problem: sometimes the iframe only renders after resizing the browser-window.

Please help!

Regards, Kasper

I solved the problem.

For some reason I removed the width and height attributes in the  iframe-tag.
I guess I did so to let the Course Presentation scale with the responsive bootstrap-row.

Anyway - re-entering and thereby specifying the width and height of the iframe-content solved the problem.

Only thing I don't understand is why the problem did not occur before. I have worked on the project for more than two weeks (with the width and height attributes removed), but I didn't experience the problem until yesterday..!?

/ Kasper

PS. How do I mark this thread as solved? 

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Ah, I see. Sometimes other scripts, styles, browser plugins or even browser updates(i.e. getting an update without restarting the browser) may interfere with the resizing for different reasons. It can be hard to say why without having a look at it, but I'm glad that you managed to work it out.