I can’t edit some activities inside “Course Presentation”


I just added some activities like Single Choice Set, or Fill in the Blanks, into the Course Presentation module in Wordpress 4.7.3. I save the work and I can see the activities working perfectly.

The problem is when I want to edit again the content of the same activities Single Choice Set or Fill in the Blanks.

A screen says: “Loading, please wait…” but the content to edit is never showed. (See image 1 attached)

Consulting the console, you can read the following messages: (See image 2 attached).

It is curious that I can edit these activities when they are not integrated into the “Course Presentation”.

I updated the libraries and the cache, and I uploaded again the library manually, but the problem goes on.

What’s the problem?

Thank you very much,


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I see the 503 http error there, which means "Service unavailable". Are you seeing anything special in the server logs, that you can share with us?

- Tom

PS: I'll check with our Wordpress guru, to see if he has any idea what is happening with your installation.

Hello again,

I contacted my server support to see if everything was ok, because I don't know very much about servers. They only saw warnings in the function ini_set. They have activated this function on my account and now the edition of the activities integrated in the Course Presentation work perfectly.  
I also updated another old version of Wordpress and H5p in the same server.

Well, I don't know exactly where the problem was but it is solved.

Thank you very much for your help and good job!


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Hi Daniel,

I'm happy to hear that you got things sorted out! :)

- Tom