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Hello guys,

I have recently started using h5p, I understood the basics but I have few questions.

When I create dialog cards, soemtimes I don't need text bellow the card that says "card 1 of 1"

Is there a way to remove that text?

I know that I can tweak CSS when I have h5p installed on my server, but that is not the case here.

So any suggestions?

Thanks :)

Add remove card numbering. (ex: card 1 of 3)
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Hi Miki,

No sorry. Unfortionatly you are stuck with it then.

Maybe you can change the translation to say something else :) But you can't leave it empty.

- Tom

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Ok no problem, they can be "masked" :)
But a nice feature maybe for the future, it can come in handy.



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You can do that by inserting a white rectangular background image, basicaly I call it background patch.

Just move it in front of "Card 1 of 1" and make sure it is up front.

This will successfully hide that text.