Vocational training - Industrial automation


I just made a course for the entry level traning for use of PLC and PLC programming.

Start page: http://nos.elfag.info/pls/

Use of "H5P Drag and drop module": http://nos.elfag.info/pls/0208-oppgaver.html

Use of "H5P  Summary module": http://nos.elfag.info/pls/0304-programvare-quiz.html

Use of "H5P Presentation module": http://nos.elfag.info/pls/0201-teknisk-oppbygging.html

My plan was to also use the "H5P Question Set module", but it appeared that if you try to run it "embedded" like I do, there is a technical bug at the "H5P Question Set module" and the "H5P Multiple choice" that makes them not working properly for embedment. It would be very good if those errors could be corrected. Especially the "H5P Question set module" would be nice to use.

By the way, the installation is only running on a test server until now (and it is not yet copletely finished.)

Arne, Stavanger, Norway. 


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Very nice, and thanks a lot for sharing this with the rest of the community. Great examples of H5P in use :)

Thanks for fixing the Question set module. Embedding now seems to be working fine. I will use it in the PLS/PLC cource.

Very good :-)