Comments in Course Presentation activity. Display when?

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Maybe not a bug as such, but the ergonomics could be improved. In the Course Presentation, on each slide element/content we have the following option:

The comments are shown when the user displays the suggested answers for all slides.

1.- I suggest this would be more clear if it was re-worded as "The comments will be shown in Solution Mode" or "... when the user clicks on the Show solutions button".

2.- There is a further option "Always display comments".

This means that, for those contents which require a correct/incorrect answer (TRUE/FALSE; Multiple choice; Fill in the Blanks; etc.), if you do not check this box, comments will only be displayed in Solution Mode ; if you check the box comments will always be displayed.

However, for those contents which do not require an answer (Text, Image, etc.), if you do not check the box, the comments will never be displayed! I suggest that for those type of contents, the comments should be displayed by default (and the "Always display comments" option be removed.

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Thanks for your suggestion, I agree that "Always display comments" option can be removed for non-question content.
Currently we are working on various CP improvements, I will make sure to include your suggestion regarding "Comments" option.