Find the Hotspot - find multiple hotspots

A nice feature would be an option to not give the user feedback straight away, but instead choose whether the user needs to click on all the correct hotspots for the overall answer to be evaluated as correct.

Example questions would be 'select all the health and safety hazards in this photo'. After clicking submit, it would then tell you that you got 5/7 correct, for example.

Find multiple hotspots
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Good suggestion! It would make it more similar to the other content types.

- Tom

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Relevant content type submitted for review

I also would apreciate this feature. My students need to choose several spots, but the way it's now, h5p says they're right from the first click and that's not enough to assure their knowledge.

Dear H5P Developers,

I am having some issues using H5P since what is being offer in the example/download tab of the website is not actually an option to select in the content menu drop window of the account. For instance, I saw the example of multiple hotspots and I love this option, but when I went to the content menu to select it, this option is not available and I confused it with Find a Hotspot (singular) . Therefore, I spent a lot of time developing my exercise for multiple hotspots content when it is not available yet :(

Another example was yuxtaposition. In the example/download tab it is shown a yuxtapostion exercise having several sequences as one exercise;however, when I tried to used it in this same way, I could only have one yuxtaposition. Therefore, I could not use this type of content since it was limited in my account for one instead of a squence.

Seeing this, I was wondering if there is any way to access to multiple hotspots content type? Is it still in the process of development?

I thank you for your guidance and help in advance. I Love working with H5P, but if users could get announcements since the example/download tab of which contents are available to be used and the ones in "Development" it will be great.

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Dear Paolflor,

Welcome to the H5P community!

All Content Types are concidered production ready. We have disabled some of the more advanced content types on purpose, so that beginners won't start with the more difficult ones on

But we give acecss to all content types, to all users that ask for it on here on the forum. So I will give you the extended access to the content types.

- Tom

Dear Tom,

Thank your very much for your prompt reply and explanation how H5P hadle the resources and grant access to them.

Additionally, I thank you for granting me access to the content types. These will help a lot :D !.

Once more thank you thank you !!!!





Dear Tom,

I hope this message finds you well.

I was trying to edit one of my exercises made with content type Agamotto, but for some reason the content type in question is not available to me anymore. Although, last time I was told I will have extended access to content type, I found myself not having the access to content type I have used already. For instance Agamotto and Drag and Drop.

Is it possible for you to grant me extended access to the advance content types, so I can continue developing my exercises?


I Thank you in advance for the help you can provide me with this particular matter



Paola A. Florian

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Dear Paola,

You should have been given the extended access (again) now.

Please let me know if you have any more problems.

Best regards,

Tom A. Jakobsen

Think my request is similar to Rick's and it would be great that a percentage accuracy score appeared at end eg if they clicked on 10 items to find the 5 correct answers, their accuracy would be 50%.

Great resources, many thanks!

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Thank you for the suggestion gideonwilliams.


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Agree with original post here. In one of our systems (Learn Playground) the H5Ps are automatically closed a while after score is sent, resulting in the user not beein able to do the task properly. As mentioned in this tread, the posting of score in this particular content type, differs from the other types and it should perhaps be considered a more H5P-generic solution to this.

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Dear Tom,

Could you give us extended access to all content type please?

We would like to test out the multiple hotspots question.

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The content types offered up for testing on are supposed to give new users examples of what H5P can do. Drag and drop for instance is a content type that is more difficult to use, and for this reason, it is not enabled by default.

I recommend that you check out the tutorials for these content types.


Visit ​ to get access to all content types



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Thanks. I am able to access multiple hot spots now.