Spanish translations


(Official) Spanish (and catalonian) translation of plugin and activities would be very well welcome.

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I'll be adding spanish translations for the moodle plugin next week :) 

H5P is a community project and I'm afraid there aren't any 'official' translations per se, only ones which are submitted by the community. We try to add them in as quickly as possible when they come up. If you know any spanish speakers (or anyone willing to contribute translations), you can direct them here:

We will be adding the rest of the content types soon! 


I have a wide range of translations for various different exercises, including the interactive exercises in the videos, in Mexican spanish for WP. At the moment I'm individually changing all of the exercise instructions manually in the parameters and text drop down list for the video exercises and other exercises and we have over 250 exercises not including the adding exercises in the videos (probably around 60 videos with at least two exercises, some 5 per video). I've looked at the instructions and am rolling out the site on Monday so don't want to attempt to fiddle with things I don't have time to get my head around. Happy to share the translation document for the terms we've been using for the site if anyone wants.