Moodle Customization


In Visual Changes (CSS Overrides), what do you mean by:

3. Enable the theme in your Moodle server under the appearance settings??

Do you mean to select the theme under Apearence --> Theme Selector?

I do not mean that the information is wrong. It is that I just can't find anything where I can enable the theme.


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Yes this is exactly what it means. If you have set up everything properly you should see the theme when pressing "Change theme" for the device that you would like to change the theme for (usually "default") in the "Theme selector" page.

If your theme is not showing there the theme is not properly setup, please consult the Moodle themeing guidelines to make sure your theme is properly configured. Make sure that the folder name of your theme is the same as its config.php name and the version.php component name.

- Thomas


Thank you.

I said before that I'm not any expert in Moodle. So I was trying to figure out where to enable the theme. So, dumb of me!!