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I have just upgraded the plugin and activity library with the last packages of february 2017.

Everything went well but there is something that makes me feel unconfortable.

After updating the libraries, a message showed up in my Noodle telling me that 15 new libraries were added and 9 old ones updated.

Then I came back to the course to check the new features (so exciting having 15 new libraries!!) but the list of posible activities in the editor was...still the same.

I can get the release notes from the plugin page in But I cannot get the same from the library package (clumsy me!!).

Is there somewhere the release notes for the library package?




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The release note for the library package can be found at:

The amount of new libraries are affected by new minor versions of H5Ps, so you most likely have gotten 15 new minor versions of your already existing libraries. I see how this wording can be confusing.