H5P Guides

Importing and exporting

Here you'll learn how to import and export H5P content.

H5P defines its own file format .h5p containing all information needed to make H5P content work on an H5P enabled website. This includes both the content, the code needed to display the content, the styling, and the code needed to edit the content. A site importing such a file checks to see if it already has the code needed to display and edit the content, and if so it ignores this part of the .h5p file. If the site doesn't have this code already the site will install the code given that the user importing the .h5p file has the required permissions.


You can import H5P Content by pressing the 'upload' tab in the H5P Content type Hub and uploading a .h5p file:

A non-technical author may normally only upload H5P content of types already installed on the site. For instance, if the site already has Interactive Video installed authors will be allowed to upload new interactive videos as .h5p files given that they are of the same version already installed. If the site doesn't have Interactive Video installed an administrator will have to do the upload of the first Interactive Video or install the Interactive Video in some other way.

Importing multiple H5Ps simultaneously currently isn't supported, but support for this may be added in future versions.


Administrators may enable the "Download button" in H5P settings, and authors may toggle this button for each H5P content. If this button is enabled users may download an H5P when viewing it by using a button in the bottom left corner of the H5P frame - see image below.

Downloading multiple H5P files simultaneously currently isn't supported, but the files are to be found on the servers file system for the H5Ps that have the download button enabled.