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I really don't know if what follows is a bug.

Let's say that I create an Accordion type content. To me, I see this type of content as a content display, and, then, it shoudn't be reflected in the Moodle - Gradebook.

But if I go to the Gradebook, I see the activity and never a grade is reported for it, but it is taken into account for the course grade.

This happens in both installations of Moodle, versions 2.8 and 3.2.1, with the last version of the plugin, 2017010900  - 1.0-rc.6.

I've notice, also, that the editor always has the Maximum Grade in each and everyone of the content types. Why?



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Hi, what do you mean by "editor always has the maximum grade"?

I've filed this issue in our case tracker and given it a high priority.


I repeat that I'm not an expert in Moodle.

It seems that a non trackable Moodle activity is shown in the grade book  but it has no contribution in the final grade beacause it has not a grade field in the editor.

However, a non trackable H5P has always a field Maximum grade that is always initialized to 10. The H5P activity is shown in the grade book and, unless the user remembers to set to 0 (zero) the maximum grade value, it is taken into account to calculate the contribution of the activity in the final grade of the lesson.


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Thank you, I think I understand now. Do you think the solutions mentioned here will fix the problem?

If the property in the JSON will makes the maximum score field set to 0 (zero) when it has no scoring, then I think it will make the task.

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