How to use H5P for learning?

H5P is short for HTML5 Package and is a simple way to create and share rich and interactive web content. H5P is modular and consists of several content types and applications, specially designed for use in e-learning. 

H5P can be integrated with learning platforms and content management systems and allows teachers to create rich interactive content and students to experience them on laptops, tablets or smartphones. 

There are many content types useful for learning in H5P. Below are some of them.

H5P ready for Drupal 7

The H5P module is finally available for Drupal 7! Now Drupal 7 users can install H5P and H5P content types empowering them to create great rich experiences for their users to enjoy.

We have received many enthusiastic requests for an H5P D7 module and we are proud to present the newly released version. You can find it available on the H5P project page on

Drupal users may now create H5P content with their web-browser and the content will work just as great on smartphones and tablets, as on PCs.